Scroll down for a slide show of some of my pictures... I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding of the Summer

We had a great time at Orange Beach with Cody & Sue Lynn. Their wedding was beautiful and SO much fun. We enjoyed being with them and being able to participate in their most special day. Thanks Cody & Sue Lynn for trusting us with your most cherished memory... so far! (Just wait 'til you have babies - then we'll talk!)

Enjoy the show!

Still Clickin'...

Fall is officially upon us! Oh my, it's just 5 days 'til Thanksgiving! Well, it's "that time of year" and things are still clickin' out here On the Farm. My calendar has been full and what a blessing it's been to have people still liking my work well enough to pay me! LOL! Taking pictures is really my thing... Blogging, however, is NOT! So sorry about the miniscule amount of posting. I do have some new photos to share and will have more as the next week passes on. Many thanks to my awesome customers!! I love working with you and love taking pictures of your family.

Come see us soon down On the Farm!
Many Blessings,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is coming!

Yes, I know it's cold.... brrrrr...... But Spring REALLY is on its way. So now is the time to get your name into the Spring photo line-up. Since I do almost all my photos outdoors, scheduling is usually very flexible... by necessity! Easter is April 4th this year and, Lord willing, we should be well into some BEAUTIFUL sunny days... The rabbits will, I'm certain, have a new brood of babies... Dove and Skunk are doing their family planning even now... I'll have that daisy and wildflower patch planted by the end of next week... And I can't WAIT to see my baby girl in her white flowing dress, long beautiful dark hair, and bare feet in the middle of those daisies. Have photo ideas swimming in your head? Let's try it! My gracious, if it turns out crazy there's always the "delete" button! Ahhh... the age and wonder of digital photography.

Hope to hear from you soon! Stay warm for now, but keep your eyes looking for Spring and your hearts looking for the return of the Savior.

All and always for my Lord,